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I can't understand your code... :(
(11-25-2014, 07:58 PM)Sinan Wrote: Hi,
Please explain me how your code is built up, because I can't understand how your code was written. I can write programms in C / C++ but please explain (or structure) me your code  Big Grin .
Hope you have time for this.  Angel
See ya.
I mean the code for the wristwatch. ^^
Sorry for bad english, I'm german.

The code for the watch is organised into modules. Code that deals with microcontroller peripherals like SPI and UART are in the drivers folder. Code for external devices like the OLED and RTC are in the devices folder. Same goes for apps, games, menus and a few other things.
The program starts in main.c. It first initialises everything by calling all the (module)_init() functions then the main loop starts. The main loop calls all the (module)_update() functions which makes everything do their stuff, like the battery module will see if its time to update the battery voltage and if it is time it will do an update by calling the ADC module function adc_read(). Then it will go to the buttons module and update the button press statues, so on and so on.

It does it a lot of stuff, you'll have to go through the rest of the code yourself.

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