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Confusions that beginners will have in programming
i made myself busy learning about MCUs and arduinos, and i have a better understanding of it now,

1:Atmel chip is at the heart of Arduino

2:Arduino has their own programming language that works with their bootloader on Atmel

3:Atmel has their own "Hardcore" programming language, and some pins are assigned differently

4:An ATmel chip with Arduino (or optiboot) bootloader can be programmed using USB2Serial/TLL Adapter (using arduino IDE
and/or AVRdudes).In this case, using the pogo Adapter.

5:A blank ATmel chip is bootloaded using the AVR/USBASP programmer on SPI pads (using Avrdudes)
in this case, using the pads you provided

6:Fuses control the internal clock n stuff,they can be changed using AVR Programmer

7:i assume that this code is written in normal ATmel language, basically this watch has nothing to do with Arduino(it was confusing me all the time)

i will probably solder and desolder everytime , because i dont like holding onto cables while frimwares are being programmed, just the fear of Bricking devices.
Good job, guy!

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