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Minimalist case/housing for N|Watch - RobG - 01-31-2016

Hey, I just wanted to share my homemade minimalist housing I made for the N|Watch. I know it's nothing great or will add a lot of protection in any, but it does serve 2 purposes. One it hides the underneath hardware and two it prevents the buttons getting accidently snagged on clothing like when putting on or taking off a jacket.

I made this little "u wall" piece from an old credit card. I cut the card to size and bent the sides up. To make the bend, I heated a long nail, pressed it on the spot where I wanted to bend it. It made the plastic soft enough to fold upwards. I then covered the piece with some black adhesive vinyl paper I had. The plastic credit card material is flexible enough so you can still push the plastic where the buttons are and they will still click. The watch band keeps the housing in place.

I prefer this minimalist housing so it doesn't take away from Zak Kemble design.

[Image: nwatch-case.jpg]