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Upgrading Firmware - Woozer - 09-28-2014

Hi All,

Is there a guide somewhere, explaining how to upgrade the firmware?


RE: Upgrading Firmware - Zak - 09-28-2014

No, but now there is Tongue
I'll get a wiki set up with all this info sometime in the next week or so.

Make sure the pogo programmer adapter is connected to the USB-to-serial converter correctly:
R -> DTR
G -> GND

Check that the switch on the converter is set to 3V3.

Plug the converter into your PC and install the driver (CH341SER.EXE attached).

Download watch.eep and watch.hex from

Download AVRDUDESS and run it, apply the same settings shown in the attached image. Port COM22 will probably have a different number, it should show up in the drop down box.

Hold the pogo adapter on to the watch shown in the attached image below and click "Program!" in AVRDUDESS, wait for it to program (should see some progress bars) and your firmware should be updated!

RE: Upgrading Firmware - Woozer - 09-28-2014

So, awesome writeup, was about to try it. One problem, lost my pogo adapter... (don't ask me how) Any chance I can order a new one?

RE: Upgrading Firmware - Zak - 09-28-2014

Sure, send an email to

RE: Upgrading Firmware - Le_Fleurs - 10-14-2014

Hi, all users can update the Software. I just saw that you did update HEX and EEP but I board version 1.3 Can I update or all updates only under the following version 1.4

Привет, а все пользователи могут обновить Software. Просто я увидел что вы сделали обновление HEX и EEP но у меня версия платы 1,3 могу ли я обновится или все обновления только под следующие версии 1,4

RE: Upgrading Firmware - Zak - 10-15-2014

The updated firmware .hex and .eep is for both 1.3 and 1.4.

RE: Upgrading Firmware - Woozer - 02-19-2015

(09-28-2014, 10:49 PM)Zak Wrote: Sure, send an email to

It's still on my wrist a few times a week Wink
Just updated to the newest firmware.