Full Version: --If you completed and programmed something new for N|Watch - PLEASE SHARE IT HERE --
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Hello, I am no programmer in any way. I am just a Graphic Artist/Animator. The extent of my programmer knowledge is using Macromedia/Adobe Director Lingo Tongue

I am making this thread in the hopes that if any programmers/ N|Watch owners created something new like a GAME, a NEW FEATURE, a NEW SETTING, a NEW OPTION, ANYTHING, Can they post it here and share there efforts with other N|Watch owners? I wouldn't even mind paying money for something new for the N|Watch.

I hoping that this thread will get completed projects posts.

I love this watch a lot. Thank You Zak. If I could program this is what I would like to have in my N|Watch.
Idea A hourly chime that wakes up the display - Maybe has a setting so this happens during the day and not at night
Idea A one button game - Flappy Bird Clone?
Idea An (auto fire) Space Invaders or Galaxian Galaga Space game
Idea A tone frequency music alarm creator - I wish I could make custom hourly chimes and alarms.
With a User Interface like this:


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