Full Version: Dumb question about battery time
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Hey, I have a dumb question about the battery time. I just noticed that if you set the on time display to 0 seconds the display stays on and does not go into sleep mode. I like this option. I know if you do this, it will  drain the battery quickly. My question is how long do you think the battery could last if I kept the display on but set the display brightness to the lowest setting? I am just looking for a guess time? Are there any risks in doing this? Will it blow up? Could the screen get a burn in?

I wouldn't normally do this but I have a party to go to and would like to try it.

BTW Just got a new strap. Cool Grey with 3d texture.

[Image: grey.jpg]
Nice looking strap! Big Grin
It should last about 2 - 3 days with the display on the lowest brightness, it's safe to keep it on that setting all the time Tongue. The lower brightness will also reduce the rate that the screen gets burn-in. Turning animations off will also increase battery life a little bit too.
Thanks for the reply. 2-3 days?! That's excellent! Now I wish there was a toggle option, like I could save the a sleep setting and a brightness setting by pressing a button combination to turn on a save setting on and off. Or just a sleep setting that stays on during the day and sleeps during the night.

Man I love this watch!

I will never turn off the animations though. I just can't do it. They are too cool.